The number of smartphone users in the United States is estimated to reach 207.2 million in 2016, with the number of smartphone users worldwide forecasted to exceed 2 billion according to statistical studies by Statista.

Untapped Market Growth: Smartphone Repair Services

If ever there was a business growth opportunity, DROPSMASHFIX is it! If we told you that almost everyone on Earth owns a mobile phone, would you believe us? Probably. But, would you believe these staggering numbers? Today, the world’s population is over 7 billion, and there are 6.5 billion mobile phones. That’s 93% market penetration!

And, that’s not all. As of the end of 2015, in the United States there were 185 million smartphone and 147 million tablet users. The average person carries 2.9 mobile devices and 85% of those are smartphones.

Now is the time for you to join DROPSMASHFIX to assist in our mission to provide the cell phone repair services necessary to enable and sustain the mobile revolution!

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DROPSMASHFIX Is Answering the Call of the Rapidly Expanding Mobile Repair Business

Annual Cell Phone Repair Industry Revenue:  $1.4 Billion

Projected Annual Growth: 4.9%

The Cell Phone Repair Industry

As changing aspects in the workplace evolve and competition increases, the demand for faster and more dynamic response increases. As a result the use of handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets has grown exponentially, leading to increased productivity, efficiency, and accuracy. And, the mobile trend has invaded our personal lives as well, with 75% of the world having access to a mobile phone, according to The World Bank. Cell phones and mobile devices have become pervasive in American society, shifting from a luxury item to one of necessity and creating the expectation for instantaneous and constant communication.

With smartphones holding fast to their continued growth in the workplace and at home, a new market has emerged: the mobile phone repair industry. The growth of this new business market segment is in
direct response to the continued popularity and growing reliance on expensive damage-prone smartphones and tablets.

Although still relatively new to the market, the cell phone repair industry has experienced strong growth over the last 10 years as smartphone and data usage have continued to increase. According to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Sarah Kahn, “The rising popularity of expensive damage-prone smartphones gave the industry a significant boost.” Consequently, industry revenue was forecasted to rise at an average annual rate of 4.9%.

DROPSMASHFIX Enters Market with Multiple Locations

DROPSMASHFIX provides on-premises repair of cell phones, iPads, and tablets from franchised locations that offer in-store “while-you-wait” repairs usually in under an hour.

“Internet-enabled smartphones are more expensive than basic-feature phones and are therefore more likely to be repaired instead of replaced. Smartphones also have fragile LCD (liquid crystal display)
screens and touchscreens that make them more likely to need repair.” – Source: IBIS World, 2015

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The Business

The DROPSMASHFIX Opportunity

Until recently it was nearly impossible to find a business that could repair a broken cell phone or other electronic device. Repair wasn’t really an option, so consumers were forced to buy new products to replace the damaged ones. That is no longer the case, and consumers are taking full advantage. In fact, the cell phone repair industry is booming. The growth rate of cell phone users and small electronic devices needing repairs has nicely set the stage for continued industry expansion and for business entrepreneurs to also take full advantage. There are three primary factors influencing the industry: growing use of and reliance on smartphones and other personal electronic devices, advancements in technology, and a highly fragmented market.

The numbers don’t lie; with the increasing prevalence of mobile devices,

more and more Americans will be seeking out repair services.

•  More than 185 million Americans own a smartphone

•  91% of smartphone owners keep their phone with them at all times

•  30% of smartphone owners have experienced accidental damage in the last 12 months

•  17% of smartphone owners have damaged their phone more than once

•  Accidental damage to a mobile device is 10-times more likely than loss or theft

•  Americans have spent $16 billion on repairing damaged smartphones

•  50% of college students have damaged their smartphone and bring $49 billion of electronics to school

With the explosive popularity of smartphones, which are more costly and more fragile, the need for repair is paramount, increasing the demand for quality repair services. “Smartphones currently represent more than two thirds of all mobile phone sales and half of all mobile phone users,” stated IBISWorld industry analyst Nima Samadi. “The rapid market acceptance of smartphones has created a need for more cell phone repair shops to keep up with this growing market.” IBISWorld also reported that the chance to dominate market share is up for grabs.

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