Looking to accessorize your iPhone 7, squeeze out more battery life or just wanting to protect your new Apple product?  We’ve made a list of our top accessories that we view highly!  Some are launching by December and others are already released.  Links provided below!

1. Daptr – $49 (December)
Missing your headphone jack and want some extra protection with a case?  The Daptr launches this December at a price point of $49.  You get two lightning ports and the already-missed 3.5mm headphone jack surrounded by rubber edging and metal bumpers to really protect your investment and improve versatility.

2. Apple Battery Case – $99
Trying to catch all the latest Pokemon in Pokemon Go and need a few more hours? The Smart Battery Case increases your phone’s battery for an additional 26 hours of talk time or 22 hours of Internet use, according to the Apple site.

3. Belkin Tempered Glass – $34.99
Hate deep scratches and want to prevent any excess damage you can? Tempered glass will help absorb some of the shock during accidents.

4. Apple Slim Leather Case – $45
 High quality leather, 7 colors,  slim design and new machined aluminum buttons makes the case not only feel sturdy and fashionable, but responsive as ever.

5. Mophie Powerstation Plus – $70
Traveling, on the go or even in the office the 5,000mAh external battery will keep you going for an extended period to get all your tasks done!


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