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Our Story

Upon moving to Ventura, The DSF founders, saw the unique opportunity to start a business in the electronics repair industry. DropSmashFix opened it’s 1st location at 1880 E Main Street in Ventura, CA in December of 2012. Within a few months, the business began expanding in Los Angeles with a second location opening in Santa Monica. There are now 6 DropSmashFix locations across Southern California, with many more on the horizon!

DropSmashFix is on a mission to become the market leader in the electronics repair industry. In 2016, DropSmashFix underwent a total rebrand and set its sights on becoming an international leader in the electronics repair industry. Even as our international footprint grows, we maintain a strong focus on the exceptional customer service that has driven our success since 2012. With over 10,000 serviced and happy customers- no problem is too big or small. Come in and see us today!

DropSmashFix Ventura Location

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