At DropSmashFix, we repair all things Apple, Android and a wide variety of electronic devices.  We specialize in all iPhones, MacBooks, iPads, Samsung and all iOS and Android devices.  Our Apple Certified technicians are trained to service all of your Apple devices.  Whether you cracked screen, dropped your phone in water water, have a dead battery or something else, we have you covered, we can repair it.

All DropSmashFix customers deserve the highest quality parts, professional repairs and service they can depend on. With our Ironclad warranty, we hope to prove our value and commitment to customers and the communities we operate in. 

 Our Ironclad warranty is offered on all parts and labor associated with the repair for 90 days.  This warranty covers manufacturer related part defects as well as our workmanship, and does not cover incidental damage.  If you bring in your device for repair, it will be repaired.

Incidental damage is as any damage unrelated to the repair, including mishandling, physical damage, liquid damage, or improper repair by someone other than DropSmashFix.

If parts used during repair should malfunction, we will diagnose the repair upon receipt.  Upon examination, if deemed defective, the parts will be repaired or replaced at no charge.

 *You authorize DropSmashFix (“DSF”) to perform service on your device. If your device is under any applicable manufacturer’s warranty, it will be nullified once it is repaired by a third party, including DSF.