Brand new leaked images of what appears to be the iPhone 7S


Based on the images the iPhone 7 stays true to the original fundamentals but with some new added shine!  One major distinction is that the aluminium full body frame now uses an all glass back with no antenna lines.  Similar to the newer Samsung Galaxy’s the glass back will allow signals to travel through unhindered compared to the aluminum frames.  A glass back also indicates we may finally receive wireless charging!  Outside of the Apple Watch this will be the first batch of iPhones to house this technology.


While all the focus is on the iPhone 8 – this sleek upgrade of last years hot model is slipping by.  Expect an upgrades A11 processor and base storage of around 64gb .  Expect both the iPhone 7S and 7S Plus to launch at $650 & 769 starting price.  Apple is set to announce all 3 new iPhone models at an event this September to the media.  While it seems strange to launch the 7S so close to the iPhone 8, expect the 8’s price point to be significantly higher than previous new iPhone’s.  This could cause consumer’s to target the cheaper option and upgrade via carrier to the 7s.


Expect the iPhone 7s & 7s Plus to hit shelves this September.


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