Flooded across the internet the last month has been device slow downs from Apple which all point to the battery.  While the legitimacy of doing so is largely in question, you’ll soon be allowed to disable all throttling.

Apple will now repair and replace batteries on devices from the iPhone 6 to the iPhone 7 Plus. Sounds great! Not so fast.  The rush has caused Apple to run low on all batteries, causing shortages from weeks to months before you get your device back to tip-top shape.  If you do get the chance there are some caveats, explained below.

If your device has a busted screen or frame damage causing the screen to not sit correctly you may not be eligible for this repair.  You’ll have to opt for more than the expected $29 battery fee.  Up to $129 for a new screen or $299 for a full device replacement.  There’s even reports of customers showing up to a scheduled appointment only to find out there’s no batteries in stock!  We’d suggest calling ahead for availability, to keep increased disappointment at bay.


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