32-what? you may ask!  iOS 11 drops support for all 32-bit apps you may be running on your iDevice in favor of 64-bit.  You’re currently greeted with a warning message upon opening these apps in iOS10 – come iOS11 these apps won’t even open at all.  There’s around 187,000 32-bit applications on the AppStore.  That’s only around 8% of the total applications listed but you may want to check if you have one of these now rather than later.

To check where you(and your apps!) stand with all of this you can navigate to Settings > General > About > Applications.  If nothing happens when you arrive, great! You have nothing to worry about.  But if you have any 32-bit applications you’ll be showed them on the following screen.

Apple is taking quite a hands-on approach with this iOS iteration.  Mainly because 32-bit apps degrade performance of your device compared to the easier run 64-bit.  And we all know how much you and I both looove our dear battery life.




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