Apple’s next-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Pro is set to release later this year, and as expected should be one of Apple’s popular devices ever.  

We’ll see the return of a black colored frame which has been missed since space-grey took over.  Depending which version of the 7 you choose – you’ll see a bigger single lens camera or the brand new dual-lens camera.  Looking for the best Apple has to offer for your next smartphone? Check our previous post here and the new details below!

  • The return of the black frame, which was replaced when the iPhone 5 was launched in space-gray.
  • Base model phones will start at 32GB, dropping the 16GB model from the lineup. This is a great move on Apple’s part, especially considering the large file sizes associated with the high quality images and 4K video the iPhone 6S is capable of capturing.
  • With the base model starting at 32GB, the price of the phone is effectively $100 cheaper. When you compare the iPhone 6S starting off with 16GB at $649 to the iPhone 7’s expected pricing, you can see what we we mean. Here is the expected price sheet:
    • iPhone 7: $649 (32GB), $749 (128GB) and $849 (256GB)
    • iPhone 7 Plus: $749 (32GB), $849 (128GB) and $949 (256GB)
  • Improved Single and Dual-Lens Cameras, with a rumored 16 megapixels. Not much is being said about the expected features a of the dual-lens camera, so we are definitely excited to see what Apple has up their sleeves with this one.

Expect to hear more about Apple’s iPhone 7 at their press conference early-mid September!


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