Tech Depth: OEM or Aftermarket

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Knowing the difference between where your money is going! OEM, aftermarket, does it really matter? Absolutely!  OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer means our product is no different than what you'd leave with when purchasing a brand new device. Your touch sensitivity remains fast and accurate while your color spectrum stays well within the original.  Have you [...]

Domino Effect: Samsung’s Ditching the Headphone Jack

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What do Apple, Motorola and now Samsung have in common?  The removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack. According to the credible SamMobile, The Galaxy S8 will drop the headphone jack in favor of USB-C.  With this removal Samsung will be able to make the device thinner while increasing battery size.  This same decision by Apple [...]

Apple: Staying in the Loop with the iPhone 8, iPads & Battery Dillemas

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Looking through the  proverbial Apple lens here are this weeks 3 hot topics surrounding your favorite device.iPhone 8 LeaksWith the iPhone 7 almost 3 months old we already expect the iPhone 8 is coming to fruition in many forms.  Apple wanting to pursue an OLED display instead of LCD is proving to be complicated.  The [...]

Refurbished: Straight from Apple

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Until now Apple has only sold brand new iPhone's and never refurbished models - except starting today.  You can now purchase a refurbished iPhone at competitive prices to 3rd party retailers but there's a bonus - you get a full 1 year factory warranty.  Pricing varies per model and storage, but you can expect about [...]

DSF’s Top 5 Accessories for your iPhone 7 / 7 Plus

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Looking to accessorize your iPhone 7, squeeze out more battery life or just wanting to protect your new Apple product?  We've made a list of our top accessories that we view highly!  Some are launching by December and others are already released.  Links provided below! 1. Daptr - $49 (December) Missing your headphone jack and want some [...]

2017 iPhones: Constructed Enthusiasm

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Still waiting for your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus to ship and enjoy?  Us too!  That's not stopping Apple from working on the next iPhone for 2017.  Analyst, Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI Securities shared this from AppleInsider which notes a ton of leaks ranging from a brand new display to a full glass front & back while incorporating [...]

Macbook Air/Pro 2016: Rumors

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Looking to upgrade your ageing Macbook?  Turns out Apple isn't looking to stop production on the Air just yet!  Rumored to release this October, the refreshed 13.3" Macbook Air will launch with an upgraded CPU from Intel more RAM, improved cooling and as we can hope, better battery life all packed into a thinner high [...]

iPhone 7: Impressions

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It's here!  Officially as of today you can now get in a pre-order line to purchase your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus!  Let's go over our top NEW things that you may not know about Apple's best pair of device's yet.  We'll throw them at you in shorter, easy to read bullets. The iPhone [...]

iPhone 7 Pro: Cancelled?!

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Nearing weeks before the big release, it appears Apple has scrapped it's potentially largest and most powerful device they've ever created.  The usually reliable leak comes from Mac Otakara stating the "iPhone 7 Pro" is no more. In this report Mac Otakara explains there's no current need to add a new top of the line model [...]

Head to Head: Samsung’s Outselling Apple in US Sales

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Samsung's Galaxy S7 & S7 Edge are outselling Apple's iPhone 6s & 6s Plus in US Sales.  Samsung holds onto 37% of smartphone sales with Apple peaking at 29% in the first quarter of this year.  We expect the momentum to keep in Samsung's favor with the timely release of the Galaxy Note 7 this [...]