Looking to upgrade your ageing Macbook?  Turns out Apple isn’t looking to stop production on the Air just yet!  Rumored to release this October, the refreshed 13.3″ Macbook Air will launch with an upgraded CPU from Intel more RAM, improved cooling and as we can hope, better battery life all packed into a thinner high quality aluminum chassis that we’ve come to expect and love  The biggest change will be the new trackpad that is Apple Pencil compatible.

Apple is also on the verge of pushing the MacBook Pro to replace the Air.  As expected and quoted from Bloomberg – “MacBook Pros have a smaller footprint than current models and the casing has shallower curves around the edges.” It also appears to be one of the first Apple device’s using OLED screens, as opposed to LCD’s.  This should give more vivid colors but at a loss of brightness.

As always rumors are to be taken with a grain of salt but it appears the Macbook Air 2016 is coming to fruition soon.


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