It’s here!  Officially as of today you can now get in a pre-order line to purchase your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus!  Let’s go over our top NEW things that you may not know about Apple’s best pair of device’s yet.  We’ll throw them at you in shorter, easy to read bullets.

  • The iPhone 7’s design is similar yet refreshing. It’s the same weight and dimensions as the previous generation but Apple cleaned up the antenna lines.  They no longer stretch the back of the device and give it a sleeker look.  There’s a new set of colors as well.  Your normal silver, gold and rose gold remain the same and jet glossy black and a matte black join the array.
  • You’ll feel a different home button this release.  This is no longer a physical button that ‘clicks’ but is touch enabled through the taptic engine that senses pressure.  Fingerprint reader remains the same.
  • Water and dust resistance have been added as a feature.  You can take your shiny new iPhone up to 1 meter of water for around 30 minutes.  I wouldn’t recommend this though!
  • The iPhone 7 has a new 12 megapixel camera and image stabilization.  Including quad LED flash, raw image capture and a upgraded “selfie camera” that will make you look your best.  The iPhone 7 Plus has all of those features plus it rocks TWO 12 megapixel cameras that have different lenses to work in unison.  One will provide your standard picture quality you’ve come to expect while the other will enhance your portraits with up to two times zoom.
  • Your display remains relatively the same as the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, but with some minor enhancements. 25% brighter and colors will be popping against each other a bit more.
  • Rejoice with “stereo” speakers this time around.  These are found in the bottom grill of the iPhone and in the top grill where you’d normally listen to your average phone call.
  • Every iPhone 7 and 7 Plus ships with brand new Earpods that connect through the lightning port.  You’ll also receive a lightning to aux adapter for those that don’t want to toss out their current set of headphones.

    If you planned to pick up an iPhone 7 you better think quick!  The black versions are already seeing massive delays up to 6 weeks shipping time from today.  You might just have to settle for another option.  If this hasn’t deterred you expect better battery life, a faster device overall and amazing build quality bundled with a  superb camera(or two) for all your needs.


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