California Right to Repair Act

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California to Introduce 'Right to Repair' Bill Requiring Smartphone Manufacturers to Offer Repair Info and Parts. California is ready to join the fight for the Right to Repair!  This will require smartphone manufacturers to provide device repair information, replacement parts, and diagnostic tools to consumers and independent repair shops. Announced last week, California Assemblymember Susan [...]

California’s New 2017 Smartphone Driving Laws

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Effective January 1st, expect to be a little more self aware when using your smartphone and driving! The new California law states the mount must be on the dashboard or placed in one of two positions on the windshield: in the lower right corner or lower left corner.  Drivers may only use one finger to tap [...]

How To Use Facebook’s “Secret”: Message Encryption

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Facebook's "Secret": Message Encryption Looking to finally get off the grid?  Users can now opt-in to encrypt all their messages so that even Facebook has no access to store or read them.  Here's a quick How-To so that you can keep your privacy in tact. 1. Open Facebook Messenger 2. Compose Message 3. Tap the [...]

DropSmashFix new 3rd Street location + 2016 update!

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Hey everyone! Its a rather exciting time here at DropSmashFix. As you can probably tell, we have launched our new, completely redesigned website! We have implemented an easy to use appointment booking process for your convenience. Simply visit the Repairs Page, select your device and follow the steps from there.We are also thrilled to announce [...]