Knowing the difference between where your money is going!

OEM, aftermarket, does it really matter? Absolutely!  OEM or Original Equipment Manufacturer means our product is no different than what you’d leave with when purchasing a brand new device. Your touch sensitivity remains fast and accurate while your color spectrum stays well within the original.  Have you ever had your screen replaced and noticed it slightly yellow or blue? It’s likely the product is not OEM but aftermarket.

Aftermarket screens are a little more budget friendly but can give you more problems than you’d like. Especially if you want your iPhone or Android device to function and look just like you left the retailer. AM(afermarket) parts, especially LCD’s will have a color variance as stated above. Typically yellow and blue hues over the screen while being less bright than the original display. Expect slower response time to your touch and a display that has sourced parts of lesser quality.

We could offer aftermarket screens like our competitors but we don’t.  We choose to only work with and offer the best quality OEM products available. Because of this we stand behind every repair with a 12 month warranty. We value the best quality products because you don’t deserve less.


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